My name is Lois – A budding environmentalist and activist based in Rotherham, England.

I’ve always been passionate about recycling and have tried to think deeply about our effect on the earth and what we can do to reduce it. I started with the easy things – separating out my glass, paper and plastics, carrying a reusable bag and never driving when it was just as plausible to walk.

Now I’m interested in what other things I can do to try and reduce waste and effect the environment around me in a positive way, rather than a damaging one. Inspired by the Zero Waste movement, I’m now looking for everyday tasks, challenges and simple swaps I can make to ensure that my values aren’t just something I talk about, but something I live.

The Challenge:

I will be pushing myself to accomplish one thing a week that in whatever minor way, will help the environment. I’ll be trying out new things, from eco-friendly products and to waste reducing methods and will share them with you to see what works and what doesn’t.

I’m at the beginning of this journey now and predict a lot of small victories and failures along the way but I think the most important thing is to try, and to speak about things we can all do to help out the planet a little more.

I’d like to share stories, suggestions and meet other people who are trying similar things so if you’d ever like to reach out, I promise I am very open and friendly and love to chat! And if anybody else want to take on the 52 Acts challenge – please let me know! I’d love to follow your progress too.

Some helpful Resources if you’d like to know more:

  • The 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge – for those who want to make a more concentrated effort and are interested in Zero Waste swaps.
  • Sustainably Vegan – a fantastic vegan lifestyle blogger who shows how to integrate environmentalism into your everyday life. Check out her ultimate beginner’s guide to zero waste!
  • Environment News – The Guardian are very conscientious about the environment, although many different newspapers have specific pages for environmental news. It can be helpful to bookmark your favourite to keep up with the latest environmental developments.
  • Zero Waste Bloggers – here is a list of ten zero waste bloggers to get you started – packed with great ideas and simple swaps. Some you might never have thought of!

As I’ve said, I’m very much at the beginning of my journey so that is the perspective I will be writing from. My hope however is that by the end of the year, I’ll be able to look back and feel pleased with all that I’ve learned, done and tried out to try and lessen my environmental impact and affect a tiny bit of change on the world around me.

All the best,


(Featured Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash)

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